Sunday, February 10, 2013

All Things Zombie: Day One

Today I finally played through Day One of the zombie outbreak, after nearly two years since I bought All Things Zombie: Better Dead than Zed (ATZ). I had played single games with these rules before but I had not tried this scenario.

Players are advised not to read the Day One chapter of ATZ until they are ready to play. This was cause for some of my delaying, as I tried to make a variety of terrain pieces (buildings, streets) and miniatures to be ready. Finally I decided to skip preparations and play with very simple paper tokens and pieces of paper for the terrain. An example is shown below, although it is not an actual board used for the scenario.

It worked: although not visually appealing, it allowed me to properly tailor the board for each scenario during Day One. And since you can take a very personal approach to this scenario, it was worth. It is funny to admit but, at one point, I felt relieved with the outcome of one part of the scenario.

Without entering into details to avoid spoiling the fun of anyone who has not played it, I did not survive. At one point I was left Out of the Fight with three zombies nearby and we all know what that means.

In other news, the computer I used to connect my scanner is out of order and I still have to try to set it up on my work netbook. Until I can sort this out, the cyberpunk miniature will have to wait.

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