Friday, February 1, 2013

And the winner is...

So here is the result of the prize draw for this blog's anniversary. I used the list randomizer from to get the winner.

First, I collected the names of all entrants. Then, just to make it easier to check if I had not missed anyone, I sorted the list alphabetically. I input the list on the randomizer:

Then it was time to randomize the list order. The first name in the new, random order is winner:

So congratulations, Jay! I need to contact you to send the gifts. I have turned on moderation for all incoming comments. This way, you can leave a comment to this post with an e-mail address without it being made public. I will exclude that comment before turning off moderation again. After that we can proceed with discussion through e-mail. Please contact me until February 11.

EDIT: Jay has already contacted me, so I have turned off comment moderation again.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Sean said...

Congratulations Jay! Nice use of Ricardo, I'll have to remember that one.

Jay said...

Hooray! I never win anything, very cool.

Now trying to decide. Am very tempted by Armor Grid: Mech Attack!, or possibly 5150: New Beginnings. A shame the newer twohourwargame stuff isn't available there.

Oh well, something new and fun will be purchased. Thanks again for the generous competition.

I shall keep reading.

Jay said...

So I put a bit of extra money towards the voucher and bought both.

Really looking forward to try 5150, I guess my figure request should be a star character I could use for that. I'm thinking perhaps a Blade Runner kind of character.