Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here we go for another mission in the MR-4/76 campaign. The squad led by Alec (from the first mission) is sent to check another zone for a possible enemy base. This time, however, there is no aerial recon and intel is bad...

This is the lovely setup that I rolled for this mission -- and yes, there is a PEF in plain sight right in the middle of the board, since that sector has no cover. The barricades count as cover but do not block LOS. The building markers have three doors each.

Alec's squad entered the mission zone and was greeted by fire from an enemy platoon to their right. [The enemy activated first. One PEF was already in sight and I had bad intel, so I rolled for first contact getting a "mission goes wrong" result. It resolved into a flank attack. Since it was the enemy's turn, I allowed the newly arrived squad to open fire.]

It is not nice to be the target of a full squad firing assault rifles... Edward and Gary were killed and three others were taken out of the fight. At this point I had Alec and Henry duck back and away from the board, carrying  Barry and Charles with them.


Fastest mission ever, thanks to bad intel. Barry and Charles recover after the fight. Alec's squad will receive four replacements to return to full strength, but he has lost the fame point gained in the first mission. No morale changes to either side.

Next mission will be another patrol...

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