Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyberpunk figure: final version

Or should I call it "release candidate"? Anyway, my scanner decided to work again, I had been slowly progressing over the week, and tonight I finished the line art for Jay's cyberpunk figure. The next step is to add colors and shading to have it finished...
For now I am thinking of dark brown trenchcoat, black (or dark gray) boots, light gray t-shirt, blue pants and white/yellowish hair, roughly like this:


Jay said...

Nice, I really like it!

Been a bit busy so not had much time for gaming or even thinking about it.

Cheers for doing this, am really looking forward to putting him to good use.

Finally had an hour spare tonight so I've been painting my Mice & Mystics figures for a few solo games.


Ricardo said...

Hi Jay, thanks for the comment. I am currently experimenting with tracing the outlines in Inkscape to make them a little thicker... I hope to have it finished by the next weekend.