Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday the 13th Solo Gaming

Today someone started a discussion about games that go well with Friday the 13th, in a Facebook group about board games that I follow. This spurred me to revisit some solo games related to the horror theme.

The first was good ol' Zombie in my Pocket, one of the first print and play games I have built. I had not played it in a while and surprisingly, I got my second victory ever! Here is the final game state: just one development card before game over, and saved from the four zombies (as I had only 3 health) by the oil + candle combination! I would rather have this kind of luck on the lottery but anyway... fun game.

The second was Dice of the Living Dead, another print and play game. I reached about 2/3 of the way to salvation, when my last (infected) survivor succumbed to a zombie attack. I was also pretty low on supplies and ammo.

Lastly, I played Elder Sign, pitting investigator Amanda Sharpe against Great Cthulhu... in the end, the ancient one awakened when I needed only one more elder sign (out of 13) to seal it off. As expected, she was defeated in battle, losing all sanity and almost all stamina. On the bright side, besides almost winning, I went through the whole game with a single investigator.

Some may argue that Friday 13th has more to do with bad luck than horror. Solo games often have a strong random element (to keep things unpredictable) and this is surely true of these three, so they match the day's theme in this case too.


Slorm Chaplain said...

Great idea and amazing presentation.
My vote is for Zombie in my pocket!

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Hey Slorm, thanks for the comment!