Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wasteland Rustlers

Only Steve [Q3+ C2, Sharpshooter, 1 frag grenade, 1 pistol] survived the first mission in the Wasteland Raiders campaign. Now it is time for the second mission.

Steve returned to King Harlan's settlement and joined another raiding team: Keith [Q3+ C2, Savage, NBC Suit, Flamethrower], Rhonda [Q3+ C2, Sharpshooter, Javelins], and Alex [Q3+ C2, HtH Specialist, Frenzy drug, Poison antidote].

The new mutationist party is: Pan [Q4+ C3, Allure, Steadfast, Herbicide], Ogre [Q5+ C3, Two-headed, Energy adaptation, Javelins], Demon [Q3+ C3, Leader, Flying, Danger sense, Sharpshooter, Shotgun], Cobra [Q4+ C4, Poison, Stealth], and Mick [Q4+ C3, Psychometry, Stealth, Photon grenade].

This time I rolled the "Rustlers" mission, in which the two enemy parties must steal livestock from a cattle pen. The group that steals the most wins. In this case they will be stealing mutated chicken, represented by red glass beads. The green square patch represents the pen. Entering or leaving the pen requires jumping the fence, as per the game's rules.

At the beginning of the game, everyone rushed to get the mutant chickens. The mutants rolled a little better and two of them entered the coop in the first turn. However, Steve managed to grab one of the chickens and carried it away [thanks to a lucky roll with 3 activations.] Here is a picture in the middle of the game. Each team had captured one chicken, but the humans were closer to getting one more.

When the humans had captured four chicken and the mutants had only two, I decided that the mutants would prioritize attacking the humans, both to cause losses for them and to prevent them from capturing any more chicken. However, Keith reached the mutant leader and melted his face with his flamethrower [and this caused two morale checks for the mutants: one for a gruesome kill and another for the loss of their leader!]

The cries of agony from their leader caused the other mutants to flee, leaving the remaining mutant chickens to the victorious human team.

The party gained 12 food points [added to the prior 8 food points], and one advance. Since he pretty much won the game, I decided to make Keith a champion, thus increasing his combat score to 3. They also gained the shotgun carried by the dead mutant leader, which was given to Rhonda.

This concludes the report for the second battle in the Wasteland Raiders campaign. For the next battle, the human team will remain the same.

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