Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rules for space combat?

While taking a look at my collection of rules, I have noticed two things. I have, over time, drifted towards modern/sci-fi skirmish, although when I started looking for miniature games I would get all sorts: fantasy, historical, sci-fi, skirmish, large scale...

Also, I have not played most (maybe none at all) of the starship combat rules in my collection. I think this is due, in part, to my insistence in trying to play them with miniatures and a game mat, while the poor results of my previous attempts put me off.

Having decided to use the virtual tabletop more often, I have already set up a map to start trying 5150 Fighter Command, using Wydraz starship counters and one of Dave Graffam's space battle maps.

Besides 5150 Fighter Command, here are the other space combat rules that I have, in alphabetical order:

Astral Empires: Nova Command
Astral Empires: Battleshift
Full Thrust
Starmada: the Admiralty Edition
Stellar Evolution
Tractus Bellica
USE ME Starship Battles

Does anyone have comments about them, suggestions about which ones to try first or even suggestions about other space combat games worth a look?


Ivan Sorensen said...

Full Thrust is pretty solid. For some reason, hte 5150 space game just didn't work for us at all, despite being big fans of the normal game.

Battlefleet Gothic was actually pretty good but you can't make your own ships at all.

Slorm Chaplain said...

I have played a pair of encounters with USE Me Battleship and it works smoothly. If you likes USEME engine, it could be a fast and furious game.

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Thanks for the comments! I am taking a look at the "light" version of Full Thrust and USE ME Space is #3 on the queue (after Fighter Command and Full Thrust.)