Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Circle of Death: Grend vs. Mad Ramos

In this match the two human warriors face each other in the arena. Grend has proven he can stand a long fight and hold a stronger opponent at bay until they are tired. Mad Ramos defeated the elf Black Talon with a mixture of skill and luck. [In this fight I played Mad Ramos, who has a rating of 8, against Grend who has a rating of 9. I've also built some walls to decorate the arena.]

The two warriors move to the center of the arena. With a quick dash, Grend moves to Mad Ramos' right in order to avoid his shield and stabs with his spear. However, Ramos quickly deflects the attack and strikes back in a continuous motion. Grend steps back and lunges again, wounding Mad Ramos in the chest.

Feeling the pain of the wound, Mad Ramos takes a step back and catches some air. Grend advances, trying to hit with another stab but his opponent blocks him. The fight continues and Grend attempts another attack. Before Mad Ramos can react, he makes a quick stab that catches him in the belly. He steps away and catches his breath again, his back against the arena wall.

Trying to regain some strength, Mad Ramos moves along the edge of the arena, keeping out of reach of Grend's attacks. As the audience starts booing, he stands his ground and waits for the attack. Grend moves in and makes a series of quick stabs, holding his spear above the shoulder. Mad Ramos dodges and blocks the spear tip and then, as Grend pulls his arm back, slashes him across the chest, with enough force to push him back.

The two warriors pause for a moment, breathing heavily, then resume the fight. Their weapons meet each other's shields several times and the roar of the spectators is frightening, like thunder announcing a storm. Mad Ramos pushes Grend back once more, and he charges again. The wild swordsman steps to the side, spinning around and hitting Grend in the neck as he passes. The impact decapitates him in a single strike.


Grend's shield was very useful as it blocked a strong attack from Mad Ramos, which otherwise might have caused a bleeder wound. Unfortunately, Ramos would land another strong attack to the head, this time a killing stroke.

One of the tournament finalists has been defined, and now only two matches remain. Mad Ramos succeeded on the recovery roll so he's ready for the winner of the fight between Drush and Terokk.


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I like the arena wall.

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