Monday, February 7, 2011

Box of Paper Minis

This weekend, I've been expanding on my set of 15mm paper miniatures. This picture shows why I've come to like this scale in paper: 47 miniatures in a small box (about 20x15cm) and, being paper, I'm sure I can put three times as many on that box without worrying too much.
The minis come from the OneMonk sets as usual. I've been thinking about creating my own 15mm paper minis, with thick outlines to avoid keeping the white borders on the minis (for those who prefer it) and poses adjusted to allow simpler cutting at the reduced scale. For a first test, I'm thinking of editing some existing minis in Gimp to add a thicker black border (to compensate for the reduced size printing) and edit it to make the outline as convex as possible.
Currently, the minis are mostly humans, undead, kobolds and orcs. The idea now is to add more variety, including some big and huge models (in that case, with tabbed bases instead of fixed ones). These should be more than enough to build many different Song of Blades warbands.


Sin City Snowman said...

Great looking stuff Ricardo! I must admit that I've stayed away from paper minis every since I tried to make some World Works terrain (way too fiddly for me!) but your stuff looks really good! What did you print it onto to keep it sturdy?

Ricardo said...

Thanks! I printed them on 180gsm paper, which makes them very sturdy at this small size, and thick enough to make gluing them to the bases an easy process.