Friday, February 11, 2011

Ready to play SBH in 15mm

After many hours over weekends and evenings, I think that I have more than enough paper minis and terrain to have many games of Song of Blades and Heroes in 15mm. Here is the 60x60 board with most terrain pieces -- too cluttered for actual game play but it showcases the different features:
Here's another angle with lots of minis spread in themed groups. Bases have different textures for normal, big and huge models. The models with white bases on the top right are "civilians", to be used as hostages, escorts and the like in specific scenarios.

On the top left we have an undead horde led by a necromancer, with a huge bone monstrosity and a specter.
Surrounding the lake, a group of reptilians, including a hero and a magic user.
And on the ruins nearby, cultists manage to open a gate for a group of demons to come through.
Lastly, a goblin hero leads some wolves and wolf riders while, in the background, ogre brigands wait for victims at the bridge.
The best thing is that all the terrain fits into two folders and the minis go into the box already shown in other posts. It's not the same as plastic or metal minis but it's cheap, light and portable -- and personally, I really like the aesthetics of an all-paper set of terrain and minis.

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Sin City Snowman said...

That's quite the collection you have there. The different textures on the various bases is an interesting idea as it does give a quick visual reference for the different sizes. Very impressive looking set-up!