Sunday, February 20, 2011

The grey city

I was very satisfied with the result of printing one of the buildings on a sheet of light grey paper, so I decided to build a whole set for a future campaign of zombie survivors using Fear and Faith. First off, here is the prototype of the building with an inside area:
 Here is another view, with a two-story building in the background and a bunch of simple terrain tiles.
And here are some additional photos, with all the buildings I made so far:
In this campaign, a group of survivors attempts to leave the remains of a city after a mysterious disease starts turning people into zombies. The government created quarantine zones but that didn't stop the riots.
Since all buildings can be disassembled and fold flat, this set will take very little space. During the week I hope to have time to sketch the campaign.


matthew said...

i really like the buildings you used for this campaign. are they your construction or did you get them somewhere?

Ricardo said...

Hey thanks! I made those using Inkscape. I'll export them in JPG format and put them in a blog post here.