Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bunkers in Armor Grid

After I built a bunker model from Dave Graffam in the same small scale as the other ruins, I was left wondering how much more fun it would have been if I could fit the models inside... long story short, I'll be building new pieces at a larger scale. As for the smaller ruins I had already built, turns out they look just right (and this time, on the proper scale) with the Armor Grid: Mech Attack miniatures. In this picture, besides Dave's World War ruins and bunker, it's also possible to see the structure, crate and barrel that come from the Slagtown: Watchtower free sample from Finger and Toe Models.
And now, even if I can't physically fit the ground troops inside the bunker, I can still use the optional destructible building rules with them, simply removing the infantry base when it enters the bunker and placing it back when it leaves.

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