Thursday, March 17, 2011

More modern/sci-fi skirmish!

My order from has arrived, including the USEME001 rules booklet and two sets of minis (HOF rim mercenaries and apocalyptic warriors.) I've done a first reading of the rules and the system looks good. I particularly like the simple rule for squad movement, I guess it will keep the game going fast even with larger numbers of miniatures.
Since I know it will take me forever to paint those nice miniatures, I've started building some modern/sci-fi paper minis to use with this game system, as well as other modern skirmish rules. Here is a picture of the Wolverine tank from OneMonk (built at 50% scale in 80gsm paper) and one NCC trooper from Slick's Miniatures.
Using thin paper makes folding very easy, but it's also harder to properly align edges, as it buckles all the time. Even though the tank ended up looking nice and it feels reasonably solid (being made of several closed box shapes that sustain themselves,) I'll have to try 120gsm paper.

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