Thursday, March 3, 2011

More post-apoc, in another scale

Here are the first figures of my "second generation" of paper models. They are 28mm figures printed at 66% scale, resulting in models that are around 20mm tall and fit on 20mm round bases -- good enough for Mutants and Death Ray Guns in 15mm scale or so. Instead of leaving a white border, I simply covered it with a black marker pen -- an idea I got from the OneMonk forums.

The bases are circles printed with the OneMonk stone texture, glued to 2mm thick EVA foam. The ruins are from Dave Graffam's sets once more, printed at around 50% scale (actually, I print them at 4 pages per page and Acrobat actually fits the pages, so I don't really have exact control of the scale in use.)
[Edit: replaced the photos with better ones]

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