Monday, March 21, 2011

Grey City ep. 3 - Scavenger Hunt

Continuing the Grey City campaign, the survivors venture out to look for supplies, while the work to convert the short bus into an armored car continues.

Rules for the scenario
This scenario introduces two new house rules:
Lunge - cost 3 points
A model with this special rule may perform a longer movement action if that will bring it into base contact with an enemy model. A model with Short movement can perform one Medium move, and a model with Medium movement can perform one Long move. Models with Long movement cannot use this rule. Lunge cannot be used if the model, its target or both are on difficult terrain.
Sniper Rifle - cost 8 points
A sniper rifle has long range and grants +2 to combat. For targets at least one Medium away, it can only be used for aimed shots, but in this case the range penalties are reduced by 1. For closer targets, it can only be used for normal shots and suffers a -1 penalty to attack. Aimed shots using a sniper rifle are Lethal against zombies.

The Good warband
This scenario is meant for a 300-point warband, or the warband continuing from the Grey City campaign.

In this scenario there are 12 Walking Dead with the Lunge special rule. If playing solo, activate all zombies with only one die except if they are in close combat or if they can enter base contact with one lunge -- in this case, use two dice. Activate zombies with one die first.

Place at least three groups of obstacles (rubble, ruins and the like) on the board. They must be at least one Long apart from each other. Select one edge to deploy the survivors. Place four zombies on each of the remaining edges. Place one objective marker in each set of obstacles. Different from previous scenarios, roll for initiative as per the normal rules.
The Objective Markers
These markers indicate places where the survivors may find useful items. To search for goods, a survivor must be in base contact with a marker and spend one action. Then roll one die. On a 1-2 they find nothing useful; On a 3, they get a semiautomatic rifle. On a 4 they get a sniper rifle. On a 5-6 they get one grenade. After a marker has been searched, remove it from the board. Items found may be used immediately or they may be kept for the next games.

Victory Conditions
The survivors win the scenario if they examine the three objective markers and then all figures touch any board edge. The zombies win if they remove all survivors from play (by killing or routing.) The winner gains 3 victory points. The survivors get one victory point per killed zombie and the zombies get 1 victory point per 25 points of defeated models.

Battle Report
Kate told us about this "battleground" on the other side of town, an area mostly razed to the ground from riots. She said that we should look for weapons and other gear left there, to fight the zombies on our escape. She hadn't been talking since we came back from the car shop, and I thought that some action could make her stop thinking about her lost friends.

The problem with battlegrounds is that, although you may find lots of guns and ammo, there were also many bodies around. Bodies that may have turned into zombies. Kate had agreed to make a quick search and leave, and right as we arrived she ran over to a pile of trash where she thought she had seen a box of ammunition.
When she found nothing but empty cardboard boxes, she got mad and started kicking them. The noise soon attracted zombies. We had already started to spread out, so I told Cassie and Jeb to stay put and fire at the undead.
I managed to put down one of the zombies but then another one jumped on Scott, like a wild animal trying to catch its prey. He jumped back, tripped on some debris and fell, but at least he escaped the zombie. None of us had seen these things doing this before, but it was obvious that we should be even more careful and keep our distance.
As we saw that the zombie horde was closing on us, we decided to try to run around them. Kate and I ordered the others to move behind the remains of a garden while we covered them, firing at the horde. It was at this point that another zombie lunged forward while Kate reloaded her rifle, and we lost her.
After that, we had to at least find something or this whole thing would have been pointless. Cassie started shouting, "F***, F***" and Scott stood there, staring at Kate's disfigured body. I told them to get whatever they found and run back to our base. While he was running away, Terry stumbled on a rock and found a grenade. He was scared of picking it up but I told him to.
After that, we continued running from the zombies, and met back on the base. Kate's life for a damn grenade... this trip to the battleground was a terrible idea. I keep wondering if she knew of the real risks... if she had lost it or she just made a bad plan because she wasn't thinking straight.

Scenario results
Another close victory, resulting in four victory points. The zombies also get one point from defeating Kate, for a total of five.

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