Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few new paper miniatures

I've printed a few miniatures from new sets that I got recently. Here you can see the beholder from the Monsters of the Game Mat series (from Cerberus Illustrations) and the mameluke from the Arabian Knights set (from Jabbro Jones Miniatures). I've also put the wizard from One Monk's Adventurers set (which I had built before) for comparison of scale. The remaining miniature is a test print of the native american woman that I created for the Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoard.
While the models from Cerberus look good on the screen, they have to be printed and cut to be truly appreciated -- the shading on the beholder makes it look like it has real volume on the table. In Song of Blades and Heroes, I would stat this beholder like this:

Beholder (128 points - Personality) Q3+ C3 Assassin, Flying, Huge, Magic-User, Shooter (Medium)

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