Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grey City ep. 4 - Survive to Fight Another Day

In the fourth and last game of the Grey City campaign, the huge mobs of zombies that the bikers had previously encountered have reached Grey City. Now, the survivors must defend their base while at the same time finish the works on the rigged armored short bus.

Rules for the scenario

The Good party
This scenario is built for a 300-point warband, which will be split into two groups. If you use the same warband continuing from the campaign and it has 280 points or less, you may spend all victory points that you may have remaining and and add up to three models with the survivor profiles listed in the campaign rules, respecting the 300 point limit. For instance, if your warband has 250 points, you may add one survivor with shotgun and one survivor with pistol (or any other combination of two survivors.)

In this scenario there are fourteen Walking Dead. When you first activate a zombie, roll a die. On a 6, it is actually a Twitcher, unless there are already five Twitchers on the board. As with other scenarios, zombies activate with only one die unless they are in a position where they can move in and attack in the same turn, in which case they roll two dice.

Place a building or marker standing for the survivors' base in the center of the board. Pick about half of the models from the Good warband, totalling no more than 150 points and deploy them within 1 Short from the building. Now place three pairs of zombies on three randomly chosen edges of the board.
At the beginning of each turn of the zombies, place a new pair of zombies on a random edge, until all fourteen zombies have been used up. As with other scenarios, ignore time of day. Roll for initiative normally.

Rigging the armored short bus
The survivor models that were not deployed are working on the armored short bus. At the end of each turn of the survivors, make a quality test on one die for each of the models that were not deployed. If a leader is with that group, the leadership bonus applies to this roll. Keep a record of the total number of successes - when the group gets eight successes, the work is done. Starting from the next turn, you may deploy two of the remaining models from the warband per turn, at the building's doors.

Victory conditions
To win, the Good warband must complete the rigging of the armored bus and defeat at least 8 zombies. If all the survivors outside the building are defeated, the zombies win the scenario. The winning warband gets six victory points and wins the campaign.

Battle report

It was Jeb who first spotted the zombie horde. He had left the safe house to do some quick scouting and saw the army of undead moving into the city. It was clear that we had to finish preparations on the bus quickly and leave. Tom called Jeb, Scott and me to go with him to defend the safe house, while the others finished welding the plates and loaded the bus with supplies. As we got out of the house, we could already see some zombies arriving.
Tom told us to stand our ground, and wait for the zombies to get closer. He didn't want anyone playing hero and getting dead. Suddenly, one zombie jumped from among the masses and started running towards us and hissing. Luckily, Jeb dispatched it with a well placed shot.
The zombies kept moving closer, and more of them were appearing from all sides. Still, we had no word from within the safe house, so we had to keep fighting. When a number of zombies approached from the east of the house, Tom moved closer to them and tossed the grenade we had found earlier. The blast destroyed two zombies and knocked another one down.
As I was putting down another zombie, Terry and Phillip opened the safe house door and told us that the bus was ready to go. That was the best news in a long while.
We started running towards the house. On his way, Tom stopped by a zombie that was knocked on its back and put a bullet to its head. After that, we all climbed on the bus, Tom took the wheel and we left Grey City forever.

The survivor warband managed to complete the campaign, although only three of the original seven members remained until the end: Tom (biker leader), Cassie (biker with SMG) and Jeb (biker with shotgun.) Overall, a fun campaign that allowed me to explore the Fear and Faith game rules.

As for the paper models, this experiment gave me a few ideas that were already used in making my 20mm post-apocalyptic warriors. The flat-folding buildings worked well, and now I plan on making a new colored set printed on cardstock instead of plain paper.

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