Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grey City - a Fear and Faith Campaign

I've finally completed building the necessary pieces to run my short solo campaign for Fear and Faith. In Grey City, a group of survivors from a zombie apocalypse try to escape from a deserted small town that will soon be overrun by a horde of the undead.

The Good Guys
The survivors form a 300-point warband that should have no more than 10 models. All firearms are allowed but no grenades or chainsaws. The warband I used to play the campaign has a total of  298 points and is comprised of seven characters with the following stats:

Zombie Hunter with Rifle (Q3+ C2, Bolt-action rifle, Heavy weapon, Steadfast)
Zombie Hunter with SMG (Q3+ C2, Heavy weapon, SMG, Strong willed)
Zombie Hunter with Semi (Q3+ C2, Semiautomatic rifle, Strong willed)
Biker Leader (Q3+ C2, Heavy weapon, Leader, Pistol, Steadfast)
Biker with Shotgun (Q4+ C2, Shotgun, Strong willed)
Biker with Bat and SMG (Q4+ C2, Heavy weapon, SMG)
Biker with SMG (Q4+ C2, SMG, Steadfast)

Campaign Rules
I'm using the normal campaign rules for Fear and Faith, with the following modifications:

1) All of the starting warband members count as Unique. If a member is defeated, a new survivor may be purchased by spending six victory points. Roll one die and consult the following table to see what kind of survivor you get:
1-2: Survivor with heavy weapon (Q4+ C2, Heavy weapon, 20pts)
3-4: Survivor with pistol (Q4+ C2, Pistol, 21pts)
5-6: Survivor with shotgun (Q4+ C2, Shotgun, 23pts)
Note that in this campaign the warband cannot grow beyond the starting 300 points.

2) After each battle, calculate the victory points for the zombie warband normally and keep a record of their total. As soon as they reach 10 points, spend them to give them the Zombie Horde advance. If they manage to amass another 10 points, they get the Blitzkrieg advance. Any further victory points are left unused.

I'll be posting the scenarios and battle reports on the following days. After the campaign is completed, I'll also post a summary for easier reference. The first scenario is called "Chance meeting," where we learn how the warband is formed.


The Haggis said...

I like your paper minis, where to those come from?

Now off to read the scenarios.

Ricardo said...

Hi, thanks. I've drawn these miniatures in Inkscape. The first set of survivors can be found in the Cardboard Warriors forum:

I still have to post the other survivor models and the zombies. Note that these are in 15mm scale. For 28mm (and much better quality) horror paper models I recommend Darkmook's sets:

The Haggis said...

Great stuff, I had a look at both links. I have to say I like your style better than the darkmook stuff! It's simpler and appeals to me more.

I'll try and keep an eye out for the zombies as I am keen to try out some rules that I have and would like to give them a run before buying 100 zombies and painting them.

Keep up the great work! I'm subscribed and will be watching! Thanks.

Ricardo said...

I've just posted the remaining miniatures that I used on the campaign: