Monday, March 7, 2011

Post-apocalyptic Playground

I've spent Sunday afternoon building terrain pieces for my set of post-apocalyptic figures. This caused a change in my plans of running the first Grey City game but the results were good. It still takes me a considerable time to build the pieces (about 1 hour for each of the ruined buildings, for instance.) but I'm improving. The following pictures show the models I've built: Dave Graffam's Ruined Plaza, World War Ruins, and Crosspieces (from both sets), two Slagtown Watchtowers from Finger and Toe and a large shanty building from Tommygun.
After building these pieces, the Slagtown: Eden set by Finger and Toe Models has entered my shopping list. The sample watchtower model is so open to customization that I can only imagine what I could build with that set.

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