Saturday, May 19, 2012

Circle of Death: Drush vs. Sussimog

There's shadow, and then there's darkness, in Talomir. The cult of the black moon spreads and corrupts and while some orc tribes embrace it fully, other races are drawn by its promises of power. Such is the case of Sussimog's tribe of turtle men. Constantly losing territory to other tribes, the once peaceful creatures moved to a region infested by demonic energies. Not long after, they were waging war against other reptilian races. Sussimog is the third in command of his tribe. He was sent to the tournament as a champion to prove the strength of his tribe, to bring new allies and intimidate their enemies.

Drush is one of the black moon orcs. He travels around the continent to fight anyone in the arenas for the glory of the dark forces.

[Since both fighters have the same rating and almost the same point values (85 and 87) I randomly chose one to play, getting Sussimog.]

The crowd cheers as the two fighters enter the arena -- on one side, the huge turtle man waves his club above his head, while the musclebound orc roars and shakes his two handed axe. The orc charges to the center of the arena, showing his pointed teeth. Sussimog advances in a steady pace and lifts his club, ready to bring it down on the orc's head.

However, the orc is faster and spins his axe in a wide arc that cuts through the turtle man's armor, and flesh. The sound of the breaking shell startles part of the crowd, and blood gushes from the turtle man's belly, who stumbles and falls on his back.

Before the turtle man can stand up, Drush leaps forward and brings his axe down on his chest. Once again, the sound of broken shell is terrifying and Sussimog is covered in his own blood.

Sussimog finally stands up, grasping his club with both hands in a defensive posture. He seems to lose focus for a moment but then his expression changes to grim determination. He blocks and parries the orc's strikes and every averted blow brings cheers from the crowd. This only increases Drush's rage and when he finally breaks through the turtle man's defenses, he drives his axe deep into his chest. The hit is so violent that Sussimog drops his club and is pushed back, his life gone as he falls to the ground.


This was the most brutal fight so far. I didn't want to use too many bonus dice at the start, while the orc rolled seven bonus dice to attack (plus another one for his rage and two for his vicious signatures.) The result was that serious, bleeding wound right at the beginning. Once the orc burned his bonus dice, he was a lot less dangerous, as seen at the end of the fight...

Now only one fight remains for this first part of the tournament. Who will fight Drush: Keris or Terokk?

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