Sunday, May 13, 2012

Circle of Death

I have decided to organize my next games of Red Sun Black Moon in a tournament campaign format. The Circle of Death is a gladiator tournament held on a small island somewhere in Talomir. The arena is small, built into a 10-feet deep pit. The audience can watch the matches along the edges of the pit, and a select few have access to a ring-shaped platform suspended over the arena.

There are eight gladiators taking part in the tournament. From left to right, they are: Grend, a warrior from Seniira; Mambul the lion man; Black Talon, a silver elf rogue; Terokk, the masked foreigner from lands beyond the horizon; Sussimog, turtle man from the dark swamps; Keris, from the red sun dwarves; Drush the savage orc; and Mad Ramos, from Mirish.

After creating the stats for each of the fighters, I randomly matched them for the first four fights. Here is the chart for the tournament. On each fight I'll control the gladiator with the lowest rating or, if they are evenly matched, I'll randomly pick one. After each fight, I'll allow the surviving gladiator to recover 2 Strength, repair bleeder wounds and roll on the recovery table once.

That's it for now. The first match of the tournament will be Grend vs. Mambul. The odds are in favor of the lion man, but nothing is certain in the arena...


Slorm said...

Very good idea.
I will follow it :)

Come on!

Ricardo said...

Thanks! The first match should be online today.