Saturday, May 26, 2012

Circle of Death: Drush vs. Terokk

Terokk spent the night before the match in meditation. Sitting in the grass, with legs folded, he remained still like a statue, or even more like a tree -- for his thick hair moved by the wind sounded like leaves. At dawn, no one noticed a bird landing in front of him, picking up what seemed like a seed he took from a pouch, and flying away.

Drush spent the night as usual, drinking with his toadies until he nearly passed out.
[This time I'm playing Terokk (rating 8) against Drush (rating 9)]

As the fighters entered the arena, Drush paused for a moment, studying Terokk as if confused. He hadn't bothered learning about his opponent and now wondered if he was some kind of orc. "No," he thought to himself, "the smell ain't right."

 Terokk started walking towards the center of the arena, his two handed sword held steadily in front of him. Drush finally moved in a frantic charge, with his axe ready to strike. Terokk tried to step back but the orc moved faster, and with a sweeping motion hit him in the left leg. The blow was so powerful that he was knocked down, blood covering the floor.

Surprisingly, the flow of blood decreased, as Terokk's flesh seemed to be healing at the edges of the wound. He stood up and promptly attacked, and the two large warriors engaged in combat. Sword and axe met with sparks flying around but neither combatant could find an opening...

Terokk attempted a powerful descending strike with his sword, but his wounded leg made him slower. For a moment his guard was open as he maneuvered, and Drush took advantage of this, cleaving him in the stomach. The warrior folded in pain, and dropped to the ground dead. The killing stroke in the center of the arena caused the audience to burst in applause and screams.


Drush tramples over another opponent in the tournament... In this match I had really bad luck with the dice. Even though I burned around half of my bonus dice on the first attack, I couldn't avoid that bleeder wound. Then on the third round I rolled only one success on attack while Drush got five (and that's rolling six dice.) With a two handed axe and high strength his damage rolls are always dangerous so getting a killing stroke after that wasn't unlikely.

Now the final match is defined: Mad Ramos versus Drush. Will the berserker human defeat the raging orc?

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