Sunday, May 6, 2012


I got the GunCrawl Collection in the recent WorldWorks sale and after seeing some nice pictures on the Cardboard Warriors forum, I had to try it. GunCrawl is a sci-fi "crawl" game for one or more players. The map is built with tiles (6"x6" rooms and different types of corridors) with grid-based movement. These features make it particularly simple to run a game using MapTool, so I wouldn't have to print and build all tiles and props first.

Here's my first mission map. The objective was to repair the two computers marked as blue squares on the map, avoiding or fighting the hostile aliens that may be found. The mission had a 20-turn time limit. I had two grunts armed with assault rifles and an engineer with a pistol. I created a single type of alien: fast-moving, with strong close-combat attacks but relatively easy to kill.
My soldiers entered the first room and found three aliens inside. The creatures charged and incapacitated one of Tom, but he recovered at the end of the turn. Afterwards they defeated the three aliens and another two that showed up in the following corridor.
By the 10th turn I had fixed the first computer and was on my way to the second objective. However, now some alien patrols started appearing. The engineer opened the door to the last room and was ripped by one of the aliens inside. Fixing the second computer without him was going to be harder.
On turn 16, one grunt was killed as the other desperately tried to fix the computer. On the next turn, he managed to complete the repairs, completing the objectives of the scenario. I didn't keep playing but I don't think he would be able to escape alive.


My first game of GunCrawl was interesting. The beginning was easy, maybe because my map didn't have suitable corridors to allow placement of patrols (at least until I passed through the second room.) Also, I didn't use the rules for ammunition, which would have limited the amount of ranged attacks I could make in a turn. On the other hand, near the end of the game I would repeatedly roll new enemy reinforcements that slowed me down. I still have to experiment with the threat level system for balancing the number of enemy units on the board.

I felt that the rules for GunCrawl are simple and easy to memorize. They're also very flexible, and can be adapted to sci-fi, zombies, killer robots etc. Generally, all-out aggressive enemies will be well modeled by the rules. Differently from other tile-based crawls, in this game you set up the whole board in advance. This has the drawback of requiring some planning but at least there is no risk of getting stuck in a dead end.


Will said...

There is a simple 1 page set of rules written by (Mel Ebbles) for playing the GunCrawl with random tile placement.

If you do not have it let me know vie a PM on Boardgamegeek, my name there is Floydski and I'll get you a copy of it.

GunCrawl is a lot of fun. The 1st edition is a sandbox system for sure. Making as simle or as complex (ie. using more props/cover saves/ammo/trauma rules) a game as you like.
I've used event cards to add some additional variety such as Blocked Halls (with movable objects, since the rules allow you to put a Weight to objects that based on an Aptitude roll can be moved, or even destroyed.

I've got 2 "mods" based on GC that I am going to release to the BGG archives. One is based on Space Hulk, and the other on Doom which utilizes a set of "Possessed Marines" that were also available on the Cardboard Warriors forum at one time (now they are available at Genet Models) for free.

Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm Gilius on the cardboard warriors forum by the way. I've got to check my guncrawl files to see if I have those rules for random tiles...