Sunday, May 20, 2012

Circle of Death: Keris vs. Terokk

Keris had watched the match between Drush and Sussimog. Officially, he had joined the tournament to champion the red sun, in a land where most people ignored the traditions or had sympathy for the dark cults. There was more, however. He learned that the orc who killed his brother in the arena would be there, and maybe he might avenge him.

Terokk the wanderer came from distant lands. At first he spoke in a strange tongue but with time, he learned how to be understood by the locals, although with a disturbing accent. It is known that foreigners sometimes are accepted as gladiators (some say the gods welcome all races, others say they are good to draw people to the arena.) Terokk is always on the move, looking for better opponents and that's the motivation for him to joining the tournament.

Keris entered the arena and looked at his opponent. Although green-skinned, he was no orc: Terokk was taller and built more like a human, except for the hair that looked like plant roots. And that unnerving white mask that looked like bone. [In this battle, Terokk has a rating of 8 so I controlled him, against the rating 10 dwarf fighter.]

Terokk advanced to the center of the arena, holding his sword with both hands at an angle across his chest. Keris moved towards him, and taking advantage of the reach of his halberd, tried a stab but the large humanoid dodged it.

The two fighters started to exchange blows. Terokk tried to avoid Keris' shield with slashes to his right side but the dwarf managed to parry and deflect the attacks. On the other hand, the dwarf also couldn't find an opening for a decisive strike. At one time, Terokk would burst a chain of attacks, only to be blocked by the dwarf's shield. Then Keris would try to hit with alternate stabs and slashes, but the green man kept dodging and deflecting the attacks.

As the fighters grew tired, their movements became slower and less precise. At one point Keris tried to hit with another stab but Terokk spun around and slashed his left leg, causing a serious wound. The dwarf stumbed back, almost losing his balance.

Terokk tried to press on but the dwarf avoided the attacks. Keris focused on the fight, ignoring as much as he could the bleeding wound on his leg. Unfortunately, he grew weak and after parrying one slash from Terokk he left his guard open. The green giant took the opportunity and drove the sword through him, ending the fight.


Despite having a higher rating, this matchup was the worst possible one for the dwarf, as the size difference gave a bonus attack die to Terokk all the time. I think I'm getting the hang of the game, both in terms of being able to play it at a good pace, and in learning some strategy.

This fight completes the first part of the tournament. Now the fights between Grend and Mad Ramos and between Drush and Terokk will define the contenders for the final match.


JF said...

Go Terokk! Kill Drush!
(Drush is a jerk.)

Ricardo said...

Yeah, I expect this to be a good fight!

By the way, it's funny how the characters with more background ended up dead (I wrote them before the fights.) Now there's the crazy guy, the murderous orc and the unknown foreigner. The only one with some story is Grend...