Monday, May 28, 2012

Circle of Death - Campaign Summary

This is a summary with links to each fight in the Circle of Death tournament played with the Red Sun Black Moon rules.

Intro - an overview of the tournament and introduction of the fighters.

Fight 1 - Grend vs. Mambul: a soldier looking for revenge faces the lion man.

Fight 2 - Black Talon vs. Mad Ramos: the assassin and the wanderer.

Fight 3 - Drush vs. Sussimog: a duel of resilience against strength.

Fight 4 - Keris vs. Terokk: champion of the Red Sun and the mysterious stranger.

Semifinal 1 - winner of fight 1 vs. winner of fight 2.

Semifinal 2 - winner of fight 3 vs. winner of fight 4.

The final fight for championship of the Circle of Death!

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