Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mutants and Death Ray Guns - First Game

I've recently bought two great games: Song of Blades and Heroes and Mutants and Death Ray Guns, in PDF format. While I still haven't played against other people, I've spent some time trying some solo "simulations" to try the rules.

For Mutants and Death Ray Guns, I've tried the scenario that involves two groups fighting for a source of water (a river, lake or well). Using the rules from the book, I rolled two warbands, one of them with humans and machines, and the other one with all kinds of mutants. I ended up with the humans having some guns and the mutants having none, but with good close combat and ambush capabilities.

I drew some paper figures based on the rolled characters. First we have the mutant team, with two mutated humans, a mutated dog and two mutated plants.

Then we have the human-robot team, with two humans, an android and a robot (the only one in this team without a ranged weapon).
 Lastly, I drew the combat map using a felt-tip pen on a bunch of scratch paper taped together. I placed several forest patches to allow the mutants to use their Forester abilities (all characters had this, except for the dog, who had Long Movement anyway).
I wrote a detailed write-up of the battle on BoardGameGeek, but suffice to say, I recklessly exposed the human leader, who got attacked by the mutant dog, resulting in a cascade of morale checks.
Anyway, it was a really good experience, which let me satisfied with the game.


Thaddeus said...

Just getting started with this game--excellent drawing work on your figures!!

Vadim Golembo said...

I had hours of fun with this game.
It is very customizable.