Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrain Types

After reading the section on terrain types from Song of Wind and Water, I decided to build a few scenic items to represent them in games. First in the list were some bushes to represent broken terrain, bladegrass etc. A  set of 2-4 bushes can also be used as a small obstacle independently of terrain patches.
The thick bushes have a "spine" of brown cardboard, while the bladegrass uses a piece of suede paper.  In both cases, pieces of thin "silk paper" cut in proper shapes are glued to both sides.

While I was making my first tree models, I noticed that glue interacts badly with crépon paper, causing it to loose some of its color. This gave me the idea to build a simple terrain patch to represent radiation-contaminated terrain.

The terrain was built simply by spreading common white glue with a brush on top of a piece of cardboard, and then pasting a piece of crépon paper. Wait for the glue to dry and you have something like this:

After that, I cut out a circle of crépon paper, cut the radiation symbol on it and pasted on top of the terrain. After the glue dried, I used red colored pencil to fill the radiation symbol, making it more visible. Since this is hazardous terrain that should be visible, I pasted it over a piece of black EVA instead of the usual green. From a perspective, you end up always seeing a black outline on the field, which is also a good thing in this case.

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