Sunday, January 30, 2011

The necromancer's tower

After spending hours this weekend making 15mm minis and terrain, it was time to put them to use. The custom scenario was inspired by the "Burn them out" campaign scenario found in Song of Deeds and Glory. A cleric leads a group of adventurers and militiamen to burn down the tower of an evil necromancer. The tower is on an island and there is only one bridge that can be crossed to get there. Using scrying spells, the necromancer finds out about the impending attack and prepares to defend his tower.

Warbands: I built the warbands with rosters from the basic book, and a couple special rules from Song of Gold and Darkness. Each of them ended up with about 218 points:
Angry Mob: Cleric (Q3+ C3, cleric), Dwarf Warrior (Q3+ C4, short move), Elf Warrior (Q2+ C3), three Militiamen (Q3+ C3).
Forces of Evil: Necromancer (Q3+ C1, evil, necromancer), two Skeleton Archers (Q3+ C1, evil, undead, shooter: medium), two Skeleton Warriors (Q3+ C2, evil, undead), two Elite Cultists (Q3+ C3, evil, shooter: long).

Setup: In this scenario, the river counts as impassable terrain. The L-shaped dungeon tile on the bottom left represents the necromancer's tower, for lack of something better. The angry mob starts within 1-Short from the map edges of the region that does not contain the tower. The evil forces start on the region with the tower, at least 1-Long from the bridge. Note: only the militia carry torches to burn the tower!

During the first turn, the mob charged towards the bridge, with the dwarf and the cleric lagging behind. The evil forces positioned themselves at shooting distance from the bridge, in places where they would not be hindered by the bridge's walls. The skeleton warriors put themselves in a position to surround anyone who crosses the bridge.
The elf warrior charged ahead, with the cleric not far behind. However, the determination of the others faltered for a moment and he saw himself alone over the bridge. One of the cultists stepped forward and took down the elf with a carefully aimed shot [I placed the marker where the elf stood because of the necromancer].
Seeing their companion fall put the mob into a frenzy. They rushed across the bridge, ready to take on the undead minions and their masters.
One of the skeleton warriors entered the bridge to try to stop the mob. After exchanging blows with the militiamen, it was defeated -- but the cultists managed to take out one of the militia soldiers [and to think that the cleric had just used his powers to make the fallen soldier stand up]. With the path clear, the cleric charged a skeleton archer and destroyed it with a powerful blow of his mace.
Unfortunately, the cleric could not avoid the arrows fired by the other minions, and one of the cultists managed to take him out. At this point, most men would have run back across the bridge, but these soldiers were determined to complete their mission and avenge their fallen [surprisingly, no figure had any failures on their morale checks for 1/2 losses].
The dwarf warrior, who had been delayed to enter the fight, attacked the remaining skeleton archer, crushing it into dust with a mighty blow. The rage in his eyes was enough to send the necromancer and cultists fleeing, and the other skeleton crumbled to dust.
With the necromancer gone and the evil forces in disarray, one of the militia took the opportunity to run across the field and set the tower on fire. The cultists still tried to shoot but only managed to knock down the dwarf. Victory for the angry mob!
Closing thoughts
This was my first SBH game in 15mm scale. It worked very well but I'll have to find or make the three separate measuring sticks. I normally use the measuring gauge (found in the Yahoogroups page of the game) which works great for 28mm, but in this scale, the spaces between units are much smaller.

As for the scenario, I felt it was balanced, but I'd have to run it more times to be sure. Another thing to consider is to increase the warbands to the usual 300 points, but for that I'll have to make a few more figures.

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