Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another combat in the woods

To try out the terrain pieces and the new figures, I ran another game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns. This time, two mixed warbands faced off with two humans, two mutants and either a robot or an android.
Once more, I rolled the warbands' equipment, skills and mutations according to the rules on the book but with one change: each warband was allowed one reroll per two figures. The rerolls could be used after the warband had been completely generated, for equipment, skills or mutations. They could not be used to change the number or type of mutations, nor to reroll robotic features. Furthermore, the new results were final.

The objective of adding this rule was to reduce the likelihood of ending up with warbands with too few ranged weapons, for instance. I think that for multi-game campaigns this isn't as necessary, since bad models will probably be replaced but for single games it helps avoiding some unbalanced situations.

This game went more smoothly than the first one, with both sides eventually clustering around the wood house ruins. Weapon malfunctions and ammo shortages happened to both warbands. Team B (on the right on the picture above) was cornered behind the obstacle, having lost one mutant and with the leader holding a broken laser pistol. To make things worse, two team members (a mutant and a cyborg) were far away, as they failed several activations in a row and only now were starting to move towards the fight.

The game ended when the two figures from Team B who were lagging behind got into range to fire without distance penalties against Team A, who were surrounding the obstacle. First, the mutant emptied his clip on the Team A's leader, who despite his flak jacket, was knocked down by the impact. Then, the android hit him with the laser pistol, leading to cascading morale checks... in the end, only one figure was left standing, leading to a victory for Team B.

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