Monday, January 31, 2011

Resolute, Adventurer and Genius

This weekend I have learned that Resolute, Adventurer and Genius has been released earlier this month. This free RPG is focused on pulp-era adventures, and it uses the excellent Wyrm System from Warrior, Rogue and Mage (WRM).
The book is well-edited and looks really nice, with good illustrations that match the game theme. From a quick read (including the forewords by the authors), it feels like improved WRM, including ranked skills (instead of just trained/untrained) and an abstract "range band" system (which slightly reminds me of the positioning system from Ancient Odysseys). Combat seems to remain as deadly, although the moments of real tension will be against the big villains and their deathtraps (as it should be, in a pulp adventure), given the addition of rules for henchmen. The talent list seems to fit very well with the pulp style, and I particularly like the open, narrative-oriented nature of the Mystic talents. The book also brings stat blocks for villains, henchmen and other creatures. Lastly, there is a discussion on the style and themes of pulp adventures in the decades of 1910-1940 which is enough to inspire players and GMs.

Conclusion: a solid book that shows how much goodness you can put in just 36 pages (still maintaining a clear layout and with good visual appeal), made by dedicated people and released for free. One more game system in my ever-growing "must try" list...


Andrew Modro said...

Thanks for the kind words! I hope you get a chance to play soon.

Ricardo said...

I should be the one thanking you, Jason Cabral and Michael Wolf, for making and sharing this game!