Saturday, January 22, 2011

New MDRG paper figures

After the first solo playtest of Mutants and Death Ray Guns, I decided to try and make better versions of the figures. Sure, I could have used some of the excellent paper miniatures from OneMonk but I wanted to keep to the idea of having minis that match that warband. So I bought a box of color pencils and another thin marker pen to do the drawings. These are the results, and now the minis have front and back. First we have the mutant warband, and now the huge mutated plant has a proper-sized model.

And these are the new versions of the human-robot warband. I actually like the original guy with the two pistols a little better...
In all cases, what I do is to draw the front side, glue the back, cut the figure, then draw the outline of the back side with a thick marker pen, fill the details with pencil, ink them with the thin pen, and lastly, color both sides -- waiting for the glue or ink to dry between steps.

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Sin City Snowman said...

Cool looking figures! I especially like the new version of the mutated plant. Definitely looks like a huge creature now! Keep up the great work!