Sunday, January 23, 2011

A new terrain piece

Here's the new paper terrain piece I made: it's a small obstacle, the ruins of a burned house or something like that.
The base was made as usual: EVA foam covered with suede paper. The burned wall was built with a piece of black cardboard, folded in an "L" shape. Strips of wood-textured adhesive film were placed over it, with a 1mm space between them, to make them look like wooden boards. After this was done on both sides, I cut an irregular profile to simulate the burning and applied some acrylic dark brown paint on the "burned" edges.
To glue the cardboard on the base, I made an L-shaped paper mask and applied spray adhesive so that it only  covered a thin area of the base. This allowed me to precisely position and glue the wall, and since the adhesive dries fast, I only needed to hold it in place for a few minutes. To finish the piece, I added another broken plank on the ground, along with a bit of modeling grass.

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