Saturday, January 29, 2011

Printing some 15mm fantasy miniatures

After reading this thread on the OneMonk forums, I decided to try and print some 15mm scale miniatures. I've been interested about 15mm minis since that is the original scale for Song of Blades and Heroes, and also popular for Hordes of the Things (which I intend to try soon). The picture below shows the result, with a 28mm version for reference.
As I had expected, the minis become a little darker at this reduced scale (due to all of the contour lines) but even printing on cardstock with normal quality, the details are preserved.
I followed the advice on gluing them with double-sided tape, which results in a very sturdy feel, almost that of a thin plastic chip. I tried a mock-up with slotted bases but since the slots become less than 2mm deep, they do not hold the minis very well. So I resorted to the flat-basing technique shown in this other thread. Note that, at this reduced scale, cutting with a white border becomes pretty much mandatory -- at least, I cannot manage to cut that little wand, for instance, which is less than 1mm thick, without ruining the mini -- but I don't find the result bad.

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